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Acoustic Guitar, Classical Guitar, Electric Guitar, and Music Theory
Skill Levels
Beginner and Intermediate
Specializing in Classical Guitar and Beginners of all styles.
Lesson Duration
30 minutes
Age Groups

Kale Good

Seriously Fun Guitar Lessons. Seriously.
Teaching Philosophy

Congratulations. You are now beginning the journey of a lifetime, the adventure to end-all-adventures, the quest-of-quests. You will impress friends and foes, men and women, royalty and commoner. YOU will learn to play guitar.
My favorite part of teaching is meeting people from all different walks of life all over the globe. After a hard day of practicing, spending time with my students and helping them reach their goals recharges my batteries.

  • Teaching guitar since 2006 -Presentation on Listz's B Minor Piano Sonata at 2010 Music Theory Society of The Mid-Atlantic annual meeting. -Composition for solo flute performed by Cynthia Folio at 2010 Glaux Contemporary Music Concert Currently studying with Patrick O'Brien, faculty member at Juilliard.
  • 2 Music Degrees: 1 Bachelors Degree in Classical Guitar Performance and 1 Bachelors Degree in Music Theory, Temple University 2010.

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