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Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Music Theory, and Ukulele
Skill Levels
Beginner and Intermediate
jazz, rock, punk, gospel, indie, acoustic, country, blues, contemporary, and worship.
Lesson Duration
30 minutes
Age Groups

Jesse De Wett

Guitar is a passion, not just an instrument. It's not just meant to be played, but enjoyed.
Teaching Philosophy

Music is an always changing art. There are mathmatical musical laws that stay true throughout time but music as an art is ever changing. I believe music is and should be unique from person to person and I find joy in helping each artist find their sound. I like to discover where to start with each student depending on their ability and mold it into something applicable for their interests and style.


I have served as a music professional in Churches since I was a college student at the age of 20. I played in bands as early as 13 years old. I have been a part of several record projects and regional tours. I have experience teaching music classes for guitar and drums internationally primarily in Central America. I have 8 years experience as a private music tutor and I plan to continue for many years to come.


BA in Music Performance from UNC. SMP certificate completion of music ministry internship.


Music Instructor at the Modern School of Worship

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