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Electric Bass, Electric Guitar, Music Theory, and Songwriting
Skill Levels
Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced
Pop, Rock, Jazz, Blues, Heavy Metal, Country, Bluegrass, Funk.
Lesson Duration
30 minutes
Age Groups
All Ages

Jeffrey Clark

Versatile Guitar/Bass Guitar/Music Theory Teacher. Bachelors from Berklee, MA in Music Therapy. Experience playing: Rock, Pop, Jazz, Metal, Folk.
Teaching Philosophy

I like to employ a patient approach to my students. I usually teach material brought in by my students, and use their favorite music to teach: theory, harmony, improvising, and any relevant technique I can think of. I teach music because: A its my passion, and B: Music can work wonders on the self esteem of an individual of any age, and I like contributing to that.


At my undergraduate school I taught guitar to students who played other instruments, but needed to learn guitar on a freelance basis. (Jan 2004-aug 2007)
In Graduate school I similarly taught guitar to individuals in my school program who did not have a background in guitar on a freelance basis. Guitar is very important in a Music Therapy Program (Sept 2009-may 2011)


Bachelors of Music B.M. in Professional music (2007)
Masters Of The Arts M.A. in Music Therapy (2011)