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Voice and Music Theory
Skill Levels
Gordon Music Learning Theory, children, jazz, classical, rock, bluegrass, folk, world, gospel
Lesson Duration
50 minutes
Age Groups
0-5 and 18+

Ekanem Ebinne

Ready for your next star-level? I'll get you there!
Teaching Philosophy

I help performers unlock the musical passion they feel in practice to so they flow and shine onstage.


9 years teaching adults and children schools,education conferences, churches, orchestras, and private studio.

2009 - Present. Mezzo Soprano Chorister, Opera in the Heights, Texas

2008 - 2009. South Central Regional Representative, Early Childhood Music and Movement Association (ECMMA)


PhD in Psychology and Pedagogy of Music, 2015 - 2019, New University of Lisbon
Gordon Institute for Music Learning Mastership Certification, EC + Elem Gen I, 2012


Member, Gordon Institute for Music Learning (GIML)

Student Reviews
Yushen H.

“I was looking for a singing teacher because my pitch is off and shaky but I need to be able to use my voice as an instrument in demonstration of our music software. Before working with Ekanem I tried to fix the pitch problem by singing with a frequency tracking app. But still I realized that I want to learn to sing with a teacher. During the first lesson we practiced body movement tracking, lip/facial exercise, breathing, choosing the right range and right music, listening, and singing. The teacher gave critiques on multiple segments of music. Teacher asked me to use my favorite songs instead of a song I didn’t know very well so that I could be more comfortable in my demo. I agreed that I should be doing exactly that. I found it very helpful that a few days prior to the lesson the teacher asked me to state my goal. So, the lesson was well tailored to my need and my vocal range. At the end of the first lesson I felt understood, encouraged, and hopeful. So I signed up for a package of lessons. I recommend Ekanem as a teacher if you are an adult with specific goals in mind but I think she can work with a variety of singers as well. -- Yushen from Nevada”

Caroline V.

“Loved the lesson! I came to Ekanem because I love listening to music but I'm uncomfortable in front of the microphone. Before we worked together I had tried to identify singers in my pitch range to avoid selecting the wrong karaoke song. I even took lessons with other teachers but they just told me what to do, and I followed. This is the first time a vocal instructor tried to understand why I was doing what I did and explained how different options would impact my tone. It felt like a customized lesson. The warm ups and practices were very creative and thoughtfully planned. I learned that singing loud doesn't mean I have to strain my vocals. I also learned how thinking of different emotions changes the tone of my voice throughout the song. At the end I felt calm, encouraged, and hopeful. I really enjoyed it.”

Debra E.

“Our 4 year old son just finished a week-long music course. He had a fantastic time and we couldn't be happier with the teacher and the methodology. I learned a bit myself in those 5 days and I know I'll be able to connect with our son musically in a more meaningful way. I wish every child could spend some time with Ekanem!”

Danette S.

“Through the first 30 minute session that we had I was able to see growth in my voice. I wanted to strengthen my ability to hold a tone. During the session, we went through breathing techniques, posture, and a couple of exercises. I learned how to break a song into smaller increments and make smoother transitions. Ekanem made me feel calm and confident. I think that she is a great teacher. ”

Patrick And Malena F.

“Our goal was to prepare our son for an audition with Houston Boy Choir - in a way that he would continue to enjoy singing. He loved the lessons. He was always so calm, happy and proud afterward. He told us that the teacher really made him feel special. He passed the audition to Houston Boy Choir and we had positive feedback from the audition. We can thoroughly recommend Ekanem Ebinne as a highly professional and dedicated music teacher for anyone wanting to do this course. ”

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