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Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, and Music Theory
Skill Levels
Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced
Any style...primarily Jazz, Blues, Rock, Metal, Country
Lesson Duration
60 minutes
Age Groups
All Ages

Cameron Delo

Guitarist who has played with former members of the Grateful Dead. Teaches in any styles at any playing level. .
Teaching Philosophy

Patience and inspiration are key. Without one or the other a student will quickly become discouraged. Each individual student must be handled differently. They must see that they are being taught with the most utmost respect and understanding towards there needs.


Over 15 years teaching and performing music. I am a multi instrumentalist. I play guitar, saxophone, and piano. Formal instruction for each of my chosen instruments.

I was the recipient of the John Philip Sousa award in high school band for my musicianship on guitar and saxophone.

During my high school years I received a great honor of being able to perform with former members of the Grateful Dead. These former members include Bob Bralove, Vince Welnick, and Tom Constanten. Pics included below.


Recipient of the John Philip Sousa award for musical excellence in high school band.

Studied with:
Daniel Meyers Muskegon Community College Head of Music Department-Theory
Scott Cutting Muskegon Community College- Theory
Tim Froncek Muskegon Community College and various destinations-Jazz Band

Greg Miller-Guitar instruction (various styles)
Phil Marsh-Jazz Guitar instruction
Justin Brady-Guitar instruction (various styles)

Over 10 years of pvt music lessons as well as college level Music theory for an additional 2 years.