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Electric Guitar and Composition
Skill Levels
Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced
Rock/Blues/Basics of Free Improvisation.
Lesson Duration
30 minutes
Age Groups

Alexander (Sasha) Liapin

World Class Guitar. Composer, Performer, Teacher.
Teaching Philosophy

"Music doesn't lie. If there is something to be changed in this world, then it can only happen through music." (Jimi Hendrix)


Alexander Liapin is an indefatigable experimenter, composer anarchist, and researcher – an avant-guardist of musical domains, who applies his impeccable musical craftsmanship to his project Rock-Mechanica based on unique instrumental, musical and artistic concepts combined with digital technology. The idea of the project began with subtle experimentation mixing the genres of Rock and Jazz, Blues, Hip-Hop and World Music, using state of the art technological resources. Not a single show repeats itself. The ever-changing cast of musicians and performers, along with the inspired participation of stimulated audiences, creates unique designs for each show, so that within each “interactive jam-session” a form of improvisational theatre emerges.

Each of Liapin’s tours and performances include workshops for professional musicians as well as members of the audience. This intense and unforgettable learning experience turns into a powerful and meaningful extension of the communion between the performers, their message and the audience. Each workshop based on the original Guitar-Learning Method created by Alexander Liapin.

In his native Russia, Alexander (Sasha) Liapin is a living and performing legend of the Russian Rock-n-Roll scene. He is also a highly respected and desired virtuoso Master Guitar Teacher. In 1998 Alexander was personally invited by Sir Paul McCartney to teach a Master Class at the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts. This marked the highest recognition of “Sasha’s international level of musicianship.

Liapin is an exceptional and most refreshing figure on the current musical world scene. His name is already well-known worldwide, including in the United States, where he has toured and played on three occasions (a 1990 concert at the LA Palladium and studio recording, a 1998 nationwide tour with the popular Russian band “Aquarium”). He has been a current and well-respected member of ASCAP (USA) since 2004.


In 1998th at the personal invitation of Sir Paul McCartney gave a master-class at LIPA (Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts, England). Headed from St Petersburg High Private Classes of Performing Arts (Russia: 2006-2012).

Unique author's technique. Individual approach. Hi-professional attitude & responsibility.
Distance learning (Skype - personal video included for free). Does not require knowledge of musical notations. English/Russian. After completion of the course shall be issued a Personal Educator's signed Certificate.


Repeated award-winner rock festivals as a lead guitar player.