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Jesse De Wett

Guitar is a passion, not just an instrument. It's not just meant to be played, but enjoyed.
Music is an always changing art. There are mathmatical musical laws that stay true throughout time but music as an art is ever changing. I believe music is and should... read more »
30 min

Justin Martinez

80/20 Approach to Guitar & Mandolin - Learn Better Faster
After 20 years of playing and a BA in Music, I know how to break down the guitar and teach it to anyone willing to learn. I take the 80/20 approach to learning guitar... read more »
30 min

Ben Parsons

Acclaimed College of Music Graduate and Award-Winning Musician Currently Residing in Northwest Florida
I aim to use all of my education and experience to give my students the most effective learning experience. I combine my extensive theoretical knowledge from... read more »
30 min

GMichael Merrifield

Velocity Soloing Techniques
"Music is best when it is profound, not because of the notes, extended chords, or intricate rhythms, but when the heart is on the line and truth emotes from your soul... read more »
30 min

Aaron Collins

I'm a banjo and guitar teacher with 25+ years of experience
As a professional contract musician I find myself on stage with lots of different bands. I feel that it is much more profitable and fun if you are a versatile... read more »
60 min

Gary Carpenter

Award Winning Guitarist Known for Improvisation Skills
I think every student develop their own singular voice and approach to their instrument providing they possess all the the tools available to them read more »
30 min

Sean Hall

Beginners to Advanced, young and old, take your abilities to the next level for personal enjoyment, impressing others, studio or touring the world!
I believe each student is unique! I focus the lesson towards what the student would like to accomplish from beginner to advanced. Students have the opportunity to... read more »
30 min

Tim LaLonde

Banjo instruction for discerning pickers...among other things!
My philosophy on teaching is to install the love of music in the students in hopes that the fulfillment that I have received is passed on to others. read more »
30 min

Pete Marten

Learn the basics of guitar through learning your favorite songs!
My main goal is for guitar to be FUN! I always try to stick to my students goals, whether it is learning their favorite songs, learning to play solos, writing their... read more »
30 min

Andrew Timothy

I won't teach you how to play guitar, I'll teach you how to UNDERSTAND the guitar.
My lessons focus on giving you, my student, a deep understanding of the guitar. I specialize in teaching music theory and fretboard knowledge. It's an academic... read more »
30 min

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