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Jesse De Wett

Guitar is a passion, not just an instrument. It's not just meant to be played, but enjoyed.
Music is an always changing art. There are mathmatical musical laws that stay true throughout time but music as an art is ever changing. I believe music is and should... read more »
30 min

Jason Campbell

I am a fun, laid-back piano teacher who can teach you just about anything you want to learn
Learn the music you want to learn; learn it any way you can. Not everyone will be a performer or choose music as a career, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't learn... read more »
30 min

Steven Fox

Double&Electric Bassist, Mandolin and Uke Lover
Fox is a gifted instructor with over ten years of experience. He incorporates music theory and technique in lessons so his students are able to go farther than just... read more »
30 min

Brendan Booher

Making Music Fun!
I believe that the most natural way to learn any instrument is by ear. Along with ear learning, it is most important that good form and technique are established, with... read more »
30 min

Steven Coon

Let my proven Method for learning Guitar help you to succeed...over 30 years playing and teaching
I have a Method I have compiled that I feel is the most logical and efficent way to learn contemporary Rhythm Guitar and essential music theory from the beginning. It... read more »
30 min

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