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Justin Martinez

80/20 Approach to Guitar & Mandolin - Learn Better Faster
After 20 years of playing and a BA in Music, I know how to break down the guitar and teach it to anyone willing to learn. I take the 80/20 approach to learning guitar... read more »
30 min

Ben Parsons

Acclaimed College of Music Graduate and Award-Winning Musician Currently Residing in Northwest Florida
I aim to use all of my education and experience to give my students the most effective learning experience. I combine my extensive theoretical knowledge from... read more »
30 min

Daniel Pentecost

International Touring Multi-Instrumentalist. Let me help you reach your goals!
Not everyone learns the same way. I try to adjust my philosophy to the student so they get the maximum amount out of each lesson. read more »
30 min

Steven Fox

Double&Electric Bassist, Mandolin and Uke Lover
Fox is a gifted instructor with over ten years of experience. He incorporates music theory and technique in lessons so his students are able to go farther than just... read more »
30 min

Priscilla Bermudez

I am a guitar player who has more than ten years of experience. I love teaching beginners.
If you are passionate about music, this passion will take you much farther than any specific skill you develop or song you learn. I am here to help nourish that... read more »
30 min

Brendan Booher

Making Music Fun!
I believe that the most natural way to learn any instrument is by ear. Along with ear learning, it is most important that good form and technique are established, with... read more »
30 min

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