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Frank Niemiec

30 years of successful drums and percussion students
I first want the students' or parents' goals, then I create a plan that the student can be successful with and reach those goals------of course, the goals are... read more »
30 min

Ron Bocian

In Rhythm for Life
I love to help students who are drawn to drumming find inspiration, get focused on some music, learn how to communicate musically with their own unique voice, and to... read more »
30 min

Edward VanLandeghem

Making music is the name of the game.
My teaching philosophy is based around my 30+ years of playing and 20+ years in the area of music production. I teach students to play musically rather than for their... read more »
45 min

Jeremy Vest

Experienced Marching Percussion/Drum Instructor & Music Theory Teacher
I believe that everyone learns differently and I strive to teach each individual in the way they learn best. I am patient, thorough, and I support my students by... read more »
30 min

Phil Bowden

I have 20 years of experience at helping drummers get the skills they need to succeed in all styles.
I try to help my students become better musicians and also get them set up technically so that they can have success in whatever style of music they choose to focus on. read more »
30 min

Giuseppe Merolla

Experienced drum teacher wants to share professional tips with you!
My goal is to give and teach my years and years of worldwide experience playing and touring with internationally known musicians , plus teach the students how to read... read more »
30 min

Jeremy Bartunek

Professional piano and drum/percussion teacher with Music Ed degrees!
I don’t simply teach “out of the book.” I give students the theoretical skills to become their own teachers and consumers of music. By developing skills across varying... read more »
30 min

Ricky Ortiz

I promise you nothing but excellence
I am a fun, energetic and passionate teacher. I am going to push you to become the best musician you can be. I adjust to my students learning needs but always stay... read more »
30 min

Mel Thomas

I love playing and teaching drums.
A student at any age can play drums. If you want to play you can play. My teaching approach is to find the student a path they can follow. A direction that... read more »
30 min

Prof Arlo Allen

I have been teaching for over 30 years of all ages in public and private schools including colleges.
I have used my special right brain and left brain techniques which makes it easy to understand. I also use games and fun exercises for homework as a routine to make... read more »
30 min

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