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Jesse De Wett

Guitar is a passion, not just an instrument. It's not just meant to be played, but enjoyed.
Music is an always changing art. There are mathmatical musical laws that stay true throughout time but music as an art is ever changing. I believe music is and should... read more »
30 min

Caleb J. Murphy

I'm a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and producer who's released several EPs/albums of my original music and played hundreds of shows.
I'll help you learn the songs you love, teaching you basic techniques along the way. And we'll go at your pace. If you're not having fun, I'm not doing my job. read more »
30 min

Justin Martinez

80/20 Approach to Guitar & Mandolin - Learn Better Faster
After 20 years of playing and a BA in Music, I know how to break down the guitar and teach it to anyone willing to learn. I take the 80/20 approach to learning guitar... read more »
30 min

Paul Geer

Unearthing Potential ~ Empowering Success!
My goal is never to teach technique as an end in itself, but to always try to direct technical work towards a focus on musical excellence. The skills involved in... read more »
30 min

Ashleigh Cicconi

Energetic and versatile music teacher with experience of tutoring all ages
All students have the potential to learn and reach their desired level of success. With goal-directed teaching, students are able to set the pace and continue to... read more »
30 min

Ben Parsons

Acclaimed College of Music Graduate and Award-Winning Musician Currently Residing in Northwest Florida
I aim to use all of my education and experience to give my students the most effective learning experience. I combine my extensive theoretical knowledge from... read more »
30 min

Johanna Namminga

Piano and voice teacher
I believe that music is the ultimate expression of our creativity. Being able to help students of different learning styles and interests to be able to learn to sing... read more »
30 min

Martin VanWesten

Classically trained instrumental and vocal music teacher
I work to improve students skills in both instrumental and vocal music. I can help students with audition music, competition music, and music for pleasure, helping... read more »
30 min

Shobit Gupta

I teach Indian film songs on Acoustic guitar and Indian classical / Ragas on Hawaiian / Indian slide Guitar
Would like to teach a blend of theory and practice so that students develop a flair for playing songs. read more »
30 min

GMichael Merrifield

Velocity Soloing Techniques
"Music is best when it is profound, not because of the notes, extended chords, or intricate rhythms, but when the heart is on the line and truth emotes from your soul... read more »
30 min

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