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GMichael Merrifield

Velocity Soloing Techniques
"Music is best when it is profound, not because of the notes, extended chords, or intricate rhythms, but when the heart is on the line and truth emotes from your soul... read more »
30 min

Steven Fox

Double&Electric Bassist, Mandolin and Uke Lover
Fox is a gifted instructor with over ten years of experience. He incorporates music theory and technique in lessons so his students are able to go farther than just... read more »
30 min

Shawn Saul

Learn from a young college-educated professional musician who brings excitement to education.
My educational and professional development reflects the integrity and passion needed for sparking the love of music. Whether the student wants to develop a life... read more »
45 min

Brendan Booher

Making Music Fun!
I believe that the most natural way to learn any instrument is by ear. Along with ear learning, it is most important that good form and technique are established, with... read more »
30 min

Mauricio Rodriguez

Master in Music Performance with more than thirty years experience teaching from elementary to superior education. English and Spanish
Hard work, discipline, commitment, criticism and frustration are among the words commonly used to characterize the process involved in the study of music. However,... read more »
30 min

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