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Ashleigh Cicconi

Energetic and versatile music teacher with experience of tutoring all ages
All students have the potential to learn and reach their desired level of success. With goal-directed teaching, students are able to set the pace and continue to... read more »
30 min

Andrea Ramos

I'm an enthusiastic multifaceted teacher.
I am an enthusiastic teacher who likes her students to reach all their goals. I am very strong on the belief that practice makes perfect. My teaching philosophy is... read more »
30 min

Johanna Namminga

Piano and voice teacher
I believe that music is the ultimate expression of our creativity. Being able to help students of different learning styles and interests to be able to learn to sing... read more »
30 min

Julliet Miller

A passionate piano teacher who loves great music
I teach all my students how to play songs by ear. They will also learn music theory and music fundamentals.I will be patient with all my students, and I will... read more »
30 min

Gary Joynes

I am a Grammy-nominated songwriter, composer, producer, keyboardist, saxophonist and educator, and I look forward to helping you with your music!
My lessons are tailored to the appropriate goals, interests, and level of the student. If you are a complete beginner, or are resuming lessons after a long hiatus, I... read more »
30 min

Frank Niemiec

30 years of successful drums and percussion students
I first want the students' or parents' goals, then I create a plan that the student can be successful with and reach those goals------of course, the goals are... read more »
30 min

Ricky Ortiz

I promise you nothing but excellence
I am a fun, energetic and passionate teacher. I am going to push you to become the best musician you can be. I adjust to my students learning needs but always stay... read more »
30 min

Christian Vincent

Reach your musical aspirations and goals with the power of music!
I am very patient and cater my lessons to the students needs and goals. Music is much more than pressing a key or strumming a chord or even sustaining a breath of air,... read more »
30 min

Rodney Keith Richardson

Playing the piano should be magical - both for the audience and the performer.
I teach using traditional methods based on a student’s age, prior musical experience, comprehension level, and progress. I do not use games or gimmicks. Rather, I... read more »
45 min

Daniel Sciara

I am here to motivate you to achieve your potential of playing the guitar!
I believe that teaching is only a small part of a guitar instructor. Too many teachers think that their job is just to teach, and they are wrong. As an instructor I... read more »
30 min

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