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Lee Ann

Award-winning piano teacher committed to creativity, excellence, and fun!
I'm a believer in top-quality feedback/coaching during lessons, and will give you practical tips and advice for improvement. I'll show you how to play with good sound... read more »
30 min

Paul Geer

Unearthing Potential ~ Empowering Success!
My goal is never to teach technique as an end in itself, but to always try to direct technical work towards a focus on musical excellence. The skills involved in... read more »
30 min

Ashleigh Cicconi

Energetic and versatile music teacher with experience of tutoring all ages
All students have the potential to learn and reach their desired level of success. With goal-directed teaching, students are able to set the pace and continue to... read more »
30 min

Peter Shu

College Professor with 24 years teaching experience for Jazz piano, theory, Latin, and World music.
Music learning is a life-long journey, and it comes in seasons. Each student is unique, and requires a customized approach informed by the student's learning type. No... read more »
30 min

Andrea Ramos

I'm an enthusiastic multifaceted teacher.
I am an enthusiastic teacher who likes her students to reach all their goals. I am very strong on the belief that practice makes perfect. My teaching philosophy is... read more »
30 min

Johanna Namminga

Piano and voice teacher
I believe that music is the ultimate expression of our creativity. Being able to help students of different learning styles and interests to be able to learn to sing... read more »
30 min

Elise Poehling

"It's just like talking, except longer and louder, and you move your voice up and down." - Elf
I believe that absolutely anyone can learn to play piano or sing if they want to. I am here to be your guide through your journey to understanding your voice and/or... read more »
30 min

Matt Johnson

MASTER TEACHER—will help you become a FUNCTIONAL MUSICIAN. Teaching since 1977—Contact me for a FREE TRIAL LESSON…;-)
MASTER TEACHER—will help you become a FUNCTIONAL MUSICIAN. Beginners-Advanced; Classical, Jazz, Popular, your originals; Piano lessons, Composition, Theory, Recital... read more »
60 min

Jane Wong

Functional Piano and Voice Instruction
Everyone can learn - My greatest strength is to give you the motivation to practice and break down the materials so that you know how to practice. I welcome... read more »
60 min

Connor Chee

I'm an award-winning pianist who focuses on your personal goals and learning style to build excellent technique and musicianship
I believe that EVERY student has a unique talent at the piano--identifying this talent is the key to eventually shaping a well-rounded musician. I tailor my method to... read more »
30 min

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