Dave Klein

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Richard B.

“My first lesson with Dave was packed with his great musical insight about saxophone techniques and methods. As a "older" returning student to the sax, he made the lesson very interesting and took the time to listen to my playing before making some great suggestions. We even had an quick jazz play-along duet that was great! All of this in a half hour. Great instructor!”

Venky R.

“I approached David that I wanted some lessons on Alto Sax. I also said I didn't read or write music; just played by ear. I taught myself blues and jazz harmonica the same way and I am a Pro at it in less than 5 years. He agreed- almost like teaching a blind person. He is patient with newbies and his methods of teaching was exactly what I was looking for. Great teacher; recommend it to anyone who wants to do just improvs like me.”

Wonderful Saxophone and Clarinet Lessons that are fun!

Classes for beginners will focus on tone quality, articulation, rhythm, reading music, and playing in time. Students will learn breathing and fingering techniques as well as structured routines for practicing at home. Intermediate players will begin by mastering the 12 major scales and arpeggios in straight and swing patterns. Basic 12-bar blues structure will be introduced and students will learn to improvise using the blues and pentatonic scales. Students will begin to develop an appreciation for different styles of jazz through listening and ear training. At the advanced level, students will practice sight reading and will become comfortable soloing in a variety of keys and styles. Various Minor and Modal Jazz structures will be taught, with a heavy emphasis on improvisation and transcribing solos.

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