Eric Jordan

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Jenny L.

“Really like the lesson, thanks Eric. It was nice to get a feel for your style of teaching. I was a bit shy to play, since I haven't played in ages, but I think if I had a bit more time to prepare (like I'm practicing that Scott Jopin song now) I'll feel more confident to play the song and have something to show for when we have the next lesson! Man I'm rusty! but I'll get it back eventually! For our next lessons I'd really like to have techniques or scales to do work on, towards a goal :)”


I offer lessons to all ages including adult students. I offer a well-rounded perspective of genres on Bb soprano and bass clarinets, soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxes and C flute, as well as Akai EWI (electric wind instrument.) I always ensure that my students enjoy their studies while also establishing their best habits as early in their musicianship as possible.

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